Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1 1/2 Years Old!

Our little Kalista is a year-and-a-half! Here's her lowdown...
Height = 30 inches - Yay! She grew 1 1/2 inches! (5th percentile - a jump up from being negative 5th at 15 months)
Weight = 20 pounds 4 ounces (8th percentile - a step down from being in the 10th percentile)
Climbs up on everything
Wears everyone shoes but her own
Loves to dress up like a princess
Knows sign language for milk, more, please and thank you
Enjoys jumping in the pool
Eats like there is no tomorrow but doesn't seem to gain the weight, evidenced by her only gaining 12 ounces in 3 months. I guess we should all be so lucky?
Finally turned that car seat around!
Thanks, Mom!
Ready to go!
Sophia at 18 months:
Height = 31 1/4 inches
Weight = 23 pounds


  1. Oh my goodness she is such a petite cutie pie! Leila is a climber too. She keeps trying to climb up chairs and onto the dining table. It's scary.

  2. You have the best blogs ever! So much fun to read :)