Monday, November 28, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like. . .

CHRISTMAS! Well not exactly if you take the weather into account. It's been so warm, (mid-70's), I think the needles would start falling off the tree if we were to get one right now. So the next best thing, besides baking, is to decorate the mantle and any other alcove I can find. : )

The Girly Tree with some added feathered friends
Darling tree topper for the Girly Tree
Stockings hung with care
Mini burlap tree
If Miss K wasn't so touchy-touchy I'd decorate that alcove on the bottom left.
But she is as that age. The Girly Tree has already encountered a shattered ornament.
DIY tulle wreath. So easy!
Can you tell I'm loving the snow birds this year? ; )

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Homemade Photo Shoot

Well our busy family life finally caught up with me and I dropped the ball. I neglected to book a photographer. What does this mean? It means I may not send out Christmas cards this year. gasp! Darling hubby is in big shock. Especially since I sent last year's out the week of Thanksgiving. I was a little more on top of it last year.

But honestly, the thought of it all is stressful since I didn't have our family photos taken. And although I have a ton of photos of our family, none of them look holiday-ish. Does that make sense? I have a few dear friends who are insisting I put something together - with the added request of not just wanting a card with pictures of my cute kids.

So what's a mommy to do? Pick up the Big Girl camera, dress up the girls and click away! Still haven't figured out how to include David and me. And I'm not even sure if I will go forth with designing our Christmas cards. But I sure did have fun photographing my girls. : )

Although the verdict is still out in regards to the Christmas cards, I think my little photo shoot turned out pretty good. : ) I know my daddy would be pleased to know I am putting the Nikon to good use. ; )

Monday, November 14, 2011

My New Obsession

I ♥ Trader Joe's. Who doesn't, right? They always keep me on my toes with trying new palate combinations. Here is my latest OBSESSION:

It is so yummy with really anything. Pita. Crackers. Veggies. Fruit.

Delish with pears!

Now for those of you on the go all the time, this is quick & easy & tasty!
I love rolling one of these up and snacking on it when the kids have me going in every direction. And it beats "stealing" a bite from whatever snack they are eating. Oh yes, they would eat this wrap. But Mommy is being a little selfish and not sharing at the moment. : )

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Disneyland Invasion

We spent a few days at the Happiest Place on Earth. What made it even happier was spending it with our friends The Eliassens and The Wendels. All of our kids are (and will be) in the same preschool. It was a fun trip and everyone got a long so well. It's always tricky traveling with kids let alone other families. There were no fights, squabbles or temper tantrums and the kids all got along great too! ; )

Since we drove down on Sunday and didn't plan on going to Disneyland and California Adventure until Monday & Tuesday, we had the chance to hang out in Downtown Disney.

The world of Legos
Nothing like hitting Build a Bear with your BFF.
Matching Clarice "bears".

Have you ever eaten at Buca di Beppo? It is so yummy. Definitely a family style Italian eatery. The quantities are large, but the quality is not sacrificed. I love how they take you through the kitchen on the way to your table. A famous quote from the kitchen, "We serve meatballs the size of your face." And they aren't kidding!

This sundae had 12 pieces of brownie and 6 scoops of ice cream.
It was DELISH!

Next stop, the wonderful World of Disney!

Oh dear, can you just imagine when they start driving?
Trying really hard to get that sword out!
The Best of Friends.
The World of Color
See you real soon!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Mother's School Spirit

Every now and then I actually throw in a touchy-feely blog post. Today is one of those times. : )

Santa Barbara is such a small city. Everyone is connected through someone or something. So here's the skinny: A friend of mine told me that an acquaintance, who I met at one of Sophia's functions, made the comment in reference to knowing me, "Oh yes, she really loves her daughter's preschool. I mean really loves it."

Now there are a couple of ways one could interpret this comment. Interpreted way #1: The tone was very enthusiastic and supportive. Interpreted way #2: The tone was sarcastic paired with an upward eye roll. I probably would not be blogging this if it was #1. And so now, get ready for some touchy-feely.

It is no secret, I absolutely LOVE my daughter's preschool. I feel it is the BEST school I have encountered for my girls. I can't wait for Kalista to be a part of this amazing place. I LOVE the weekly newsletters. I LOVE the daily communication with the teachers during drop-off and pick-up. I LOVE how the learning assignments are different every week. I LOVE the parental involvement because of want and not because of a requirement. But most of all, I LOVE knowing my daughter LOVES it too.

So here it is, plain and simple. Why wouldn't I want to express my admiration for my daughter's school? In my opinion (we all have one), if a parent doesn't feel a sense of pride in their child's school then something isn't quite right. No, you don't have to shout your joyful feelings from the rooftops like me but you shouldn't feel weird about doing it either.

And now I leave on this note in the fashion of a cheerleader:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween at The Eliassens

Halloween with The Eliassens is always the best. Afterall, it is Todd's favorite holiday and it shows. Everything was thought of and everyone was well taken care of. From the decor to the gourmet taco truck to the 1000+ trick-or-treaters it was a fun evening.

The BEST house in Lincolnwood!
Todd, you ROCK!
The only time Kalista would put the Piglet hood over her head
was to ham it up for the camera. No pun intended : )
Peter Pan, Minnie and Ariel
Kalista found her fave . . . M&Ms
Leave no candy behind ; )
Unlike the ghostly lady, the spider was real!
David saw it as we were walking and took a pic.
My favorite photo sequence of the night!