Monday, April 21, 2014

Scenes from April

I try to blog as current as I can. But sometimes the days and weeks roll right into each other and I fall behind. So here is a little picture storytelling (aka photo dump) of April:

The cutest Frozen party for Kalista's gal pal, Gianna.
The best tablescape ever!
 We celebrated Daddy, but forgot to take pics :(
But did manage to take a shot of this birthday pie!
Oreo crust, chocolate chip, rocky road, and salted caramel.
Easter and a rare family photo:
Post egg hunt fun with friends.
And the best photo of the month is this selfie . . . 
after I got CARDED at Trader Joe's.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TEA-cher Appreciation

Kalista and I were out the other day and I saw these cute mugs at Anthropologie:
These monogrammed beauties were the perfect discovery to help show 
our appreciation for the wonderful TEA-chers in our lives.

Starting to make sense?

So cute, right?
So don't forget . . . May 6th! 
Let the teachers in your life and/or your children's lives know how much you appreciate all they do!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Things

We desperately need some rain, but spring has decided to trump that idea. And the last few days have actually felt like summer. I know the grass is always greener, but a dry Santa Barbara is never good.

I hate saying adieu to my cozy sweaters but looks like it's time for a switch. 
Bring on the brights!

And don't forget the flip flops. Gotta get rid of my hideous tan lines from running and tennis!

Feeling pretty lucky when this view is minutes away:

 Warm weather goodness:

Cooler evenings are still welcomed. 
I guess it's the best of both worlds!

Friday, April 4, 2014

One Year

Dear Daddy,

It still seems like yesterday. Some days are harder than others, but the hurt is always the same. I think about you every day. There are times I catch myself wondering, "Did this really happen? How is this possible? Why?" Then reality sets back in and I am left feeling empty, sad, and angry. It just isn't fair. And now is when you say, "Such is life."

Oh how I miss our talks! Even though I know somehow you are still here, there is so much I want to share. Like how I saved us a hefty bill when the plumber wanted to scope our main line. I told him all the toilets flushed and it was just the shower that was backing up. Ha! Just a simple snake of the drain. Oh and I figured out a simple car issue instead of having someone "take me for a ride." I can imagine your reactions and how proud you would have been of me for using my noggin. And then there's ANNE . . . Do you know what she did?! She flew to Ontario instead of Orange! Who's the DUMB ASS now?!(hahahaha) When stuff like this happens, you are the first person I would call. No one else would understand the meaning behind it all like you.

Although I don't deliberately think about what the 4th of every month means, or that it might be a Thursday, or the clock might read 9:22 AM - against my will, I still remember. In time my guess is these unwanted memories will fade. I won't think about how Thursdays suck or how the 4th of every month is a disappointing anniversary or 9:22 AM will just be 9:22 AM. Nonetheless, whether I remember or not, the ending will be the same.

Some would probably think I have adjusted pretty well. But that is just an illusion from the outside. I have always had 2 choices: Walk around the way I feel or do the opposite. I chose what you would have done. But there are times I really just want to feel the way I feel; without question, without regard, without anyone telling me it's not healthy, without anyone telling me to put a smile on my face, without anyone commenting that it's not fun being around an unhappy person, without . . . ANYTHING!

As time passes, your being gone doesn't get easier. I just miss you more. Quite frankly, I don't understand when people say, "Give it time. It's only been . . . ." What an odd thing to say. Maybe for some, time passed makes life easier. Or maybe it helps them to forget. So I try not to get angry and look at that person as if they just said the dumbest statement on Earth. My only conclusion is that it is different for everyone.

Time will never heal my heart, for I had THE BEST relationship a daughter could ever have with her father. Thank you for still listening to me during my morning runs. I love you always.

Your Little Girl,


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Retail Therapy - American Girl Style

This picture is the reason why my girls are in Heaven!

Spring break was this past week. We didn't have anything planned since David was super busy at work. So I decided to take the girls on a little shopping extravaganza at the American Girl store down in Los Angeles.

Before the stampede, I had 2 rules:
1. They could not pick out the same doll.
2. Kalista got to choose first. (Sophia has one doll already, so I thought this was fair)
It took awhile, but Kalista finally made her decision:
Isabelle Palmer - Ballerina (2014 Girl of the Year)
Then Sophia had her turn:
Caroline Abbott (Girl from the 1800's war era)

Then it was time for doll accessory shopping:
And yes, I was a softie that day.
Kalista, my darling, who always suffers from 2nd child syndrome . . .
 You really deserved that bed.
If I had a doll, I would style her up in this cute tennis outfit:

Every Girl of the Year is retired at the end of the year. 
This means she is no longer for sale.
Sophia and McKenna (2012)

The girls and their loot:

After 2+ hours, we dropped off the load to our car (I looked like a pack mule!) 
and enjoyed the rest of  The Grove.
Lunch at Maggiano's

 Some trolley time:

And no trip to The Grove could ever be complete without a visit to

Then it was homeward bound before the nasty 5 o'clock traffic.
Sophia fell asleep like this:
Yes it's the label off her water bottle.

And here is the gang:
A little checkers and nachos in bed = My kind of girls:

And dinner for mommy:

I'd say this trip was a win-win for everyone!