Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to Our Angel

Dear Daddy,

I would give anything for you to be here so I could wish you a happy birthday in person. I miss you. I wish I could hear your voice, touch your hand, and just talk about anything and everything like past times. But instead, here I am without you, another "first" of more to come. 

I can't help but think how we would be celebrating if you were in SB. I know Via Vai would definitely be on our dinner circuit. A bottle of wine and their delicious pizza would start the night out. You and David would probably order the Spaghetti al Coccio con Frutti de Mare. Mom might have their arugula salad and some sort of pasta dish - nothing ever disappoints. We would all over indulge and love every minute.

Not to make you feel bad on your day, but it's been a hard 5 months. I know when we parted ways, for the last time, you were ready. Well, I wasn't. And although I have come to accept your departure, I continue to feel your absence every day.

You were always "my person". And now, there is a huge void in my life; one that just cannot be filled by anyone. But that's actually okay. You see, I don't want anyone to take this spot. It was yours and it will always be that way. Always.

I'm going to stop here, because I know this is where you would have cut me off anyway. Ha ha! I know you too well.

I love you.

~ Jennifer

Oh and just one more thing . . . 
Sophia & Kalista miss you more than I could have ever imagined. You are a constant in their hearts and souls. They love sending you Angel Balloons. I hope their special delivery makes you smile just as much as they make them smile.