Monday, June 24, 2013

Quite the Catch

David embarked on his annual Alaskan fishing trip this June. And what a lucky guy because he got to go TWICE this year. Like TWICE in one month. Like TWO weeks TWICE. Yes, I deserve wife of the year. ; ) And yes, I am tooting my own horn. ; )

Actually, I am happy David partakes in this event every year. He looks forward to it and this time it was extra special because he was able to go twice. And besides, for those who know me well, could you really see me on a boat all day? In the cold? Only to return to a lodge with no spa? NO THANKS!

First stop . . . Yukatat, Alaska.
Winning him a bounty of 100 pounds of halibut and salmon.

And in David's spare time, this is what mischief he gets into . . .  CRAZY!

Second stop or trip . . . Pelican, Alaska.
Side note: For any wife out there, whose hubby is going to venture to this area, the cell phone and internet service is scarce. So if you have a traveling rule, like one that entails ALWAYS letting the other know when he or she has arrived . . . It may not happen. 
Let's just say a certain someone lost a whole night's sleep because she was texting, emailing, and calling with no answer. She even called the owner of the lodge and emailed him too. And this crazy wife called her hubby's friend in SB to help track her Darling Hubby down in Alaska just to make sure he was safe. Oh. Yes. She. Did. And within a couple of hours, the lodge owner's wife called to confirm David's arrival. Turns out the phone and internet had been down. 

OK. Back to Pelican.
I must say, this picture is quite serene and beautiful. Still not enough to make me want to partake. Which I am sure is fine with David. ; )

Sorry for the gruesome pic. But it is a fishing trip.

Total bounty for this trip: 60 pounds

For both trips everything is cleaned, filleted, vacuumed packed, and put in a blast freezer.
It all makes it way back safely on the plane rides home.

One of our deep freezers. Did you think this was a cooler?

Until next time!
Maybe even TWICE.
Yes, Darling Hubby, you read that correctly. ; )

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Things Kids Say

Check out the inside of Kalista's Father's Day card to David. It had him in tears laughing.
Definitely a keeper : )

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My First Father's Day

Father's Day 
A day to honor and cherish THE special man who raised and loved me unconditionally.
This will be my first Father's Day . . . without my dad. Oh how I miss him so very much. Especially now. For the first time, I didn't mail out a card. For the first time, I won't be calling him on this Sunday morning. For the first time, I am going to watch my precious girls give their dad extra special love and I will feel sadness, envy, and joy all at once.

There will always be a first for everything. And although I will get through those firsts, sometimes unscathed and sometimes not, I will hate it each one until someday I just don't.

Dear Daddy,

We shared a lot of firsts together. Not quite a lifetime of firsts, but I would rather have those 41 years than none at all. Now it's time for me to go through those firsts all over again without you. Without you. Without you. Those words linger and haunt my soul with such heaviness. I still need you. If I could only hear you say, "Everything will be alright." 

Happy Father's Day to the most incredible father. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for always being my #1. 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Timeless Tuesdays

This moment had our guests laughing.
Um . . . Someone was a little happy giving his last born away. : )

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Ballerinas

Today was one BUSY day! The girls both had their ballet recitals . . . at different times I might add. I was a ballet mom today; equivalent to the notorious soccer mom in my book especially since Darling Hubby is away.
They both did fabulous and I am so proud! Check out their videos : )

Kalista's ballet debut. She gets a little lost in the back, 
but luckily Miss Nicole pulls her up front.

Sophia the expert. This marks her 6th performance.