Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hope Ranch Beach Campout

Last weekend we took part in our first local campout at our private neighborhood beach. It's an annual campout that we missed last year, so the girls were really looking forward to try their hand at camping. I, on the other hand, retreated to my comfy bed each night. I know, I know. Wimp. But just wait, there will be a future post of my first camping trip. Anyway, what a fun 2 day event! I am sure the kids are already looking forward to next year.

I loved seeing all the tents lines up on the beach.
 The best gift to start off our campout,
personalized hats compliments of Josh.
Kids being kids :)
Crazy selfie!
Josh the Master Chef

Plain 'ol silly:
Glow sticks and s'mores. Perfection.

And I will never get tired of this view!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Swimming is her deal.

Throughout the years, we have obliged Sophia with any sport she willingly wanted to to do. It wasn't a decision of overindulgence, but one we thought would help Sophia overcome her shyness and build up her confidence too. From gymnastics to ballet to soccer to tennis to swimming to running - we have been there and for the most part are still there trying to juggle it all.

Although we think she is a great athlete (Um, hello? We are here parents!), it's a different process for Sophia to embrace her talents. She is a shy kid who does not fair well with accolades (she becomes quite embarrassed) and never toots her horn. She reminds me a lot of my dad. Never the type to revel in fanfare.

Sophia's first camp of the summer was Wilson Swim Camp. She knew of one friend (a boy) who was signed up as well. And to my surprise, she did not mind more friends (aka girlfriends) weren't going to go. Hmmmm. Sign #1?
Sophia was up everyday by 6:30 am, bed made, clothes changed, AND summer homework (Kumon) done way before it was time to leave the house. Hmmmm. Sign #2?

This camp was a wonderful experience. Sophia had an eagerness to learn and perfect her skills. But most of all, we could see how great she felt about herself. And according to the instructors, "She is a coaches dream. You only need to tell her once." Hmmmm. Sign #3?

I recently made a little video of Sophia's swim meet. She swims for our club and they had their first swim meet of the summer a couple weeks ago. I thought she would enjoy watching her events set to the tune of a fave Katy Perry song. She watched it once. Then twice. Then asked me to play it again, but specifically asked to see the butterfly and breaststroke part. Alright? While watching Sophia pointed at some other swimmers and said, "There. Right there. Those kicks are not the right kicks. Your feet can't come a part in butterfly. Those are not dolphin kicks. Those are flutter kicks. See how mine are together? And those kicks (referring to the breaststroke event) you can't move your feet like that and those are not arm pulls." And even though David and I knew (and no, we did not point it out) before Sophia watched the video, never did we think she would notice.

I could watch Sophia swim all day. I love her ethics. I love her naiveness. She never asked once if she won or what place she came in after her events. I love how her leisurely strokes and kicks are developed and how she doesn't (not a typo I do mean doesn't) think to finish strong at the end. I can only wonder what she would be like if she went all out.

But what I love most is how she feels. The happiness and twinkle in her eyes when she hits that water make my heart full.

The signs add up; at least for right now:
Swimming is her deal.

Sophia's next request:
So basically if you need to find me throughout the year,
I will be at Santa Barbara Swim Club. ; )