Friday, September 30, 2011

Just 2 More Months

I can't believe in 2 months Kalista will be an official TWO year old. I say official because she has been acting like a self proclaimed two year old for a few months now. Here are some photos from our morning while Sophia was at school. I look forward to taking real Fall photos but right now everything is still lush and green along with the 80 degree weather. I know. . . count my blessings. : )

Monday, September 26, 2011

Catching Up with The Gaylords

I was so excited to meet up with my very first mommy friend, Michelle. We met in birthing class when we were preggers with our firsts. We actually had our first double date set and Michelle went into labor that day - way before her due date. Michelle and the family moved to San Diego after Grant turned one. I was so sad to see her leave : ( But we have remained close friends and although Sophia and Grant didn't remember each other, they picked up as if they had been old chums.

We met up on Friday at the Fleet Science Museum in Balboa Park. What a fun place for kids! The bonus was the Kid City area for children 5 and under. Fabulous!
The kids loved the hurricane simulator.
Well, not all the kids ; )

After the museum, Sophia & Grant tortured chased the birds : )
My favorite picture of the whole trip.

Then later that evening we headed over to The Gaylords for some fun, food and WINE.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

San Diego

We took a little mini family vacation to San Diego. Originally we thought we'd go to Legoland. But after doing a little research we decided to wait a bit since Kalista would not really benefit from this advanced type of theme park. So off we ventured to SeaWorld instead. Boy has it changed since I was a kid! Rides at SeaWorld?! So much for checking out all the marine animals : )

Very first stop to avoid long lines - Feeding the dolphins.
A nice tip from my friend, Michelle.

We managed to get Sophia to see a couple of exhibits/shows . . . 

 . . . but it wasn't long before we were off to the world of Elmo for the rides.

Thank goodness we did not sit in the SOAK ZONE!

After a whole day (which is all you need) at SeaWorld, we headed to Old Town San Diego. This is a favorite of mine and David's. Can you guess why? Food and drinks, of course! We LOVE Cafe Cayote.  And a trip to San Diego is never complete without a pig out session here.
The BEST homemade tortillas!
Sophia asked me if I could make tortillas for her like this lady.
Oh boy, now that's a request!
Skinny Girl Marg - in honor of Marcy : )

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time to Decorate

When Fall rolls around it feels like time flies by even faster. I decided to decorate before October actually hit so the kids could enjoy a little bit of Halloween in the house before I start with the whole pumpkin/gourd/acorn/twig/well you get the picture decor.

I put this on the doorway up to the girls' room.
Now Kalista is a little weary to walk through.

I took the candy corn/candle idea from one of my Pinterest boards.
Then today, I added the stacked pumpkins - idea I stole from my friend, Yummy Mummy.

Looking forward to decorating for Christmas!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

It was a very busy weekend . . . all loaded with kid events. Here's a photo re-cap:

Sophia & Luisito

First Annual Touch a Truck
Sponsored by PEP
Doesn't Kalista look a little too guilty in the back of this police car?!
Driving the ambulance
Meet your SB Airbus driver!
Fire Chief Sophia
A friend of mine sent me this through Facebook.
Look who made a glimpse appearance on the local news : )

Little Angels Preschool
2nd Annual Trike-a-thon
Miss Charlotte - Beautiful as ever!
Gwen & Sophia
Butterflies & a Bumblebee : )
(The girls are all in ballet together too - so cute!)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

No Itching Here

Prelude to Tydes 8 course meal at the beautiful Coral Casino.
Good thing I wore stretchy pants ; )

I actually had to Google the meaning behind "the 7 year itch." Apparently it is taken from an old Marilyn Monroe movie (title same as phrase and also the movie where her white dress is blowing up over a subway grate). The thought is that the eyes start to wander after 7 years of marriage.

September 18, 2011 marked our 7 year anniversary! Seven years of marriage, 13 years of being a couple and definitely no itching to be had. : )

To The Love of My Life, David Christopher:
You are my best friend, my soulmate, my everything. I can't imagine living my life without you. Thank you for being the BEST HUSBAND and FATHER. Who knew a simple exchange of homemade peach ice cream and chocolate chip cookies 13 years ago 
would lead us to 7 years (and counting) of happily ever after.