Sunday, September 25, 2011

San Diego

We took a little mini family vacation to San Diego. Originally we thought we'd go to Legoland. But after doing a little research we decided to wait a bit since Kalista would not really benefit from this advanced type of theme park. So off we ventured to SeaWorld instead. Boy has it changed since I was a kid! Rides at SeaWorld?! So much for checking out all the marine animals : )

Very first stop to avoid long lines - Feeding the dolphins.
A nice tip from my friend, Michelle.

We managed to get Sophia to see a couple of exhibits/shows . . . 

 . . . but it wasn't long before we were off to the world of Elmo for the rides.

Thank goodness we did not sit in the SOAK ZONE!

After a whole day (which is all you need) at SeaWorld, we headed to Old Town San Diego. This is a favorite of mine and David's. Can you guess why? Food and drinks, of course! We LOVE Cafe Cayote.  And a trip to San Diego is never complete without a pig out session here.
The BEST homemade tortillas!
Sophia asked me if I could make tortillas for her like this lady.
Oh boy, now that's a request!
Skinny Girl Marg - in honor of Marcy : )

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  1. San Diego is so much fun!! Looks, like you had a great time!