Monday, October 19, 2015

A Taste of Fall

Fall in Santa Barbara hasn't been been very fall-ish. In fact it's been down right HOT. 
Well hot for Santa Barbara. High 80's to low 90's isn't coastal. 
It's a sticky mess. So off we went . . .
Ah, so much better! Utah was the perfect remedy for getting a taste of fall.
 Hard to believe this will be covered in snow soon!
Trying out the acrobatics:

 It took her forever to flip over! Like forever.
Afternoon delight!
Gearing up for our 3 hour hike at Sundance
The views were just amazing!
Absolutely no filters needed.
Nothing but nature in all its' beauty.
 A little snack for the trail:
The turn point:
Sophia and I spotted a friendly creature:
And no trip to Utah is ever complete (at least for me) without a couple of noteworthy signs.