Tuesday, May 3, 2011


David is somewhat of a cookie snob. He only likes two kinds. The first, chocolate chip (absolutely NO NUTS). And not just any chocolate chip cookie. His all time favorite chocolate chip is from Hungry Bear Cookie (located in Fresno, Ca). Second would be from Portos Bakery. And last but not least comes from Renaud's.
David's second favorite cookie hails from Smith's. I'm not sure of this cookie's real name. We just call it 'Smiley Face Cookies.' When David's mom comes up for a visit, she always brings him a box full of these cheery delights. And David becomes one happy camper - such a mama's boy!
Did you just smile when you looked at these?
P.S. I know what you're thinking: It looks like a plain 'ol sugar cookie with glaze. Well it is a sugar cookie but it's the best sugar cookie ever. Soft yet dense but moist and oh so tasty.

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