Thursday, May 26, 2011

Community Helpers

The past couple of weeks has been Community Helpers Week at Sophia's school. Different professionals have come in to speak with the kids about how they help the community.

David showed up to talk to the kids about his line of work (Oral Maxillofacial Surgery), but only to a certain extent. Not sure how it would have gone over if he talked about broken facial bones and reconstruction. So David stuck to the basics of dentistry. Sophia was so proud to have her daddy at school! David and the teachers said she was beaming with joy. And David did a wonderful job with the kids. He really thought things through from the props, to the disney character toothbrushes for each kid, as well as some horse teeth (a patient of his is a veterinarian) to show the kids.
Sophia demonstrating good dental hygiene.
Getting all the cavity bugs out!
Thank you, Dr. Hall!


  1. ADORABLE! Did I ever tell you Bella want to be a doctor when she grows up because, "Daddy has candy in his office."? When I was teaching 6th grade Phil brought some organs from the hospital to show the kids. Don't think the 3 year olds are quite ready for that...
    P.S. We had yummy baked panko Halibut and chips for dinner with David's catch!

  2. Mattias is sleepin with his toothbrush and tooth paste!!!

  3. This is so adorable. Such a big deal to have a parent at school teaching everyone something!!! And David looks like he did such a great job! Love the masks and giant tooth brush :)