Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gilt(y) Pleasure & the Bag Ladie

This is going to be a double post. Why? Well because they kind of go hand-in-hand, like a wallet to a to speak. : )

Ever hear of Gilt Groupe? It's an amazing website that offers designer goods at heavily discounted prices. We are talking everything from clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, home goods, children's clothing, trips, etc. I'm a big fan and I just love getting the emails regarding their upcoming sales. But you gotta act fast! The sales start at 9:00 am and things sell out very quickly. Here's a tip though: If you see something you even think you might like, just put it in your cart. It will stay there for 10 minutes which will give you time to contemplate. Wow! Don't I sound like an expert? Shhhh...don't tell David.
My latest Gilt purchase. Perfect for summer!
Originally $148. Click, click, click and it was mine for $59.
Now for the second part of this post...

I am going to fill you in on a little secret. I AM A HANDBAG ADDICT/FREAK! I can't remember when it all started but I can say it's been going on for at least 20 years. Seriously. My first email address with AOL was bagladie72. Seriously. I just adore handbags. Unfortunately, it's an admiration that does not start at the low end of the retail market. Oh well, a gal has to have at least one guilty pleasure, right? 

My collection has grown over the years. I hardly ever get rid of handbags, even though some are dated. I mean you never old school Dooney's might make a comeback like bellbottoms and platform shoes. And when they do, I'll be set because I have at least ten I can think of off the top of my head. Which brings me to one of my many justifications for those couture bags I am most fond: Buying timeless designers ensures timeless pieces. For example: Louis hasn't changed much in regards to pattern, now have they? Pretty good justifying, huh?

Below is just a glimpse of my faves. I couldn't showcase all
my goods in one photo because I don't think it would fit and 
because my husband reads our blog. : )
Don't these just tickle your fancy?


  1. I agree! My 90 yr old grandmother has had the same 'LV 'Speedy' bag I have now for as long as I can remember. Timeless.
    Oh, and come enter my giveaway for the girls. I'm going to look lame if no one enters ;)

  2. I love it Jen! Great friends think alike. I just love a good handbag too. And if there are matching shoes I am a sucker for them as well. I am going to check out that website. Thanks for the tip! xo Kelly

  3. Love your bag collection! One of the many reasons I'm excited to have a little girl!