Saturday, May 7, 2011

Catch Phrase

I started a new tab on our blog: Catch Phrase

I should have started this long ago, when Sophia started talking. But it's better late than never and Sophia talks non-stop now, so this should be interesting. Luckily I started an email account for Sophia when she was born so David and I could write to her about anything and everything. And just in case her account doesn't exist when she is ready to read those emails, I print them out and save them in a binder. Oh and then I go back and change the emails to being unread so they will always show up as new mail.

Sorry to say I haven't started an email account for Kalista, yet. Still trying to think of that perfect username. Okay maybe part of it is second child syndrome. Sophia's username is lilpotsticker. If you can think of something catchy for Kalista let me know!

Tune in every so often (could be everyday) for the latest Catch Phrase!

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