Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Makings of a Bag Ladie

If you read the Gilt(y) Pleasure & the Bag Ladie post, then you had to have known it was just a matter of time. I mean, what kind of mother would I be if I didn't pass down a little tradition? I'm pretty sure it's hereditary. The girls love handbags. As well as shoes. Sophia is always wanting some type of purse or wallet. And Kalista is constantly wearing either my shoes or her sister's along with carrying around our handbags.

The girls and I were shopping today and Sophia was admiring this cute little wristlet. The beam in her eyes was a familiar look. : ) I hesitated for a second, but then I asked her if she would like to have this adorable accessory. Of course her answer was, "Yes!" And although Sophia already owns a few purses, this one was different. It wasn't one those character purses like Hello Kitty or Dora. This one was more sophisticated. 

My little Fashionista!
Her first "taste" of what makes her a Bag Ladie's daughter.

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