Monday, June 6, 2011

While Daddy was away...the Hall Girls played!

The past week, David went on an Alaskan fishing trip with some friends. Although I knew it was going to be hard on the girls, as well as me, not having our favorite guy around I think we did pretty good keeping busy!

We had a fun time celebrating Sophia's best buds, Jack & Luke's, 4th birthday. And despite the slight turn in the weather, the kids all went swimming and warmed up in the hot tub. 
Happy Birthday Jack & Luke!
Bundled up and happy!
See what I mean when I say Kalista likes to eat?
And no Mom, I didn't really let her eat with a knife.
Nor did I let her eat this huge piece all at once. : )

I promised to take Sophia out for "pantycakes" while Daddy was away. So on Sunday morning we headed off to Mesa Cafe for breakfast. I actually wasn't sure where to go for pancakes. I normally don't take the kids out for a sit-down breakfast. I would have rather gone to Jeannine'sRenaud's or Fresco's. But none of these places had pancakes; just waffles or french toast if at all. Oh the sacrifices we make for our little ones!
Can you believe this was off the kid's menu?!
Sophia did not finish her "pantycakes" but she did
polish off the bacon! Definitely Daddy's girl!

Sunday was a little bit of a sad day. Our long time babysitter, Sarah, watched the kids for the last time while I attended an event my friend Talina hosted. I can't believe Sarah has known us since Sophia was 2 months old! What a pleasure it has been having her watch our kids. And to think I was so nervous posting my own add on Craigslist to find a sitter. What a gem we found! 
We'll miss you Sarah!

Sophia really started to miss her daddy come the 4th day. She didn't cry but I could tell that she was a little sad. I was missing Daddy too. But we did our best at putting on our happy faces and maybe a few silly ones as well. *Wardrobe Disclaimer - If you have kids; especially girls, you know when to pick your battles. : )

Aside from the busy days, late night nibbling and aperitifs, I did manage to do a little shopping. Online is so much easier than schlepping two kids around. Don't worry David...I didn't go overboard ; )
What's that term? "Happy wife, happy life?"


  1. OMG LOL Love it love it love it I am cracking up right now! HA!

  2. We love Mesa Cafe, perfect for taking the kiddos. Loud, cheap and well, loud and cheap ;)