Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Cut is the Deepest

Well it was bound to happen. I mean, it has been almost 4 years without Sophia having to take a little trip to the ER. While I was at a Junior League retreat, I received a text from David letting me know Sophia had split her chin open. Apparently she was standing on her tip toes trying to look over the counter, at The Habit, lost her balance and came down on the counter. I guess fast food really is bad for you, huh?

As an Operating Room Nurse I learned that some of the best facial repairs were done by OMF Surgeons. I vividly remember working with David as he tediously and meticulously worked on putting the faces of children as well as adults back together bone-by-bone, skin-by-skin. His work was beautiful and still is.

Luckily, Daddy knew what to do and so that dreaded long ER wait was bypassed.
Some precise approximation and correct use of Dermabond = A beautiful closure without a needle.


  1. Oh dear, I'm glad she got to skip the ER.If we ever need stitches we'll skip the ER too, and just head over to the Riviera ;)

  2. What happened?!?!?!? Poor baby...but NICE job Daddy!!! So lucky to have a doctor and nurse in the house!!