Friday, June 17, 2011

Strawberry Mojito

David loves a good Mojito. Now that's silly - who loves a bad Mojito? Anyway I, on the other hand, have taken a little more time acquiring the taste for these rum concoctions. I think it's because not all Mojitos taste the same. I know I'm not the only soul who thinks it's VERY disappointing when your cocktail just doesn't taste the way you want it! So frustrating. Therefore what better way to guarantee a yummy cocktail each time than to make it yourself!

Farmer's market strawberries and fresh mint make for a fab Mojito!

Mojito Muddlins' (makes one cocktail):
5 strawberries
5 fresh mint leaves (you can taper to your desires)
Agave Nectar (amount depends on your sweet thermometer - I squeezed in about a teaspoon)
1/2 lime
2 ounces light rum
soda water

How to get your shaker on!
In a chilled shaker muddle strawberries, mint and Agave Nectar. Add juice from 1/2 lime and the rum. Get your shaker on! Pour unstrained, muddled goodness into a chilled glass, add crushed ice to the top and finish off with soda water. Garnish with mint leaves.

Heat up the pool (skip this step if you are not living in a coastal June Gloom) and enjoy a little taste of Summer!


  1. Looks delish! I want one right now!

  2. These look absolutely perfect! I am a huge fan of mojitos! I love how these are so fresh!!!