Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This year Father's Day started a few days early when David took Sophia to school for "Dads & Donuts Day." Sophia was very happy to have her daddy take her to school and play for a while. And I know David enjoyed spending time with Sophia instead of seeing patients.

Handmade presents for the Best Daddy
Nuts and Bolt frame with Sophia's description of her daddy.

On Sunday, David went out on our boat for what was to be a day of fishing with another father & buddy, Tad. David works extremely hard and I really wanted him to have a carefree day to himself. And because I knew there was no way he would have arranged to spend Father's Day away from the family, I contacted Tad.

Unfortunately, the conditions at sea were to murky to free dive and spear fish and too windy to deep sea fish. I guess this means there may need to be a re-do in the near future! Luckily we have 2 dedicated freezers full of vacuumed-packed fish from Alaska to last us what seems to be a lifetime. Below are a couple of photos from David's fishing trip in Alaska from earlier this month.

What is it with men and the sea?
Looks too cold for me!
This was the happiness I envisioned for today's trip.


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  1. So so cute. I love that David is 4 and his favorite color is pink :) Love the Dads and Donuts day too!