Saturday, March 29, 2014

Retail Therapy - American Girl Style

This picture is the reason why my girls are in Heaven!

Spring break was this past week. We didn't have anything planned since David was super busy at work. So I decided to take the girls on a little shopping extravaganza at the American Girl store down in Los Angeles.

Before the stampede, I had 2 rules:
1. They could not pick out the same doll.
2. Kalista got to choose first. (Sophia has one doll already, so I thought this was fair)
It took awhile, but Kalista finally made her decision:
Isabelle Palmer - Ballerina (2014 Girl of the Year)
Then Sophia had her turn:
Caroline Abbott (Girl from the 1800's war era)

Then it was time for doll accessory shopping:
And yes, I was a softie that day.
Kalista, my darling, who always suffers from 2nd child syndrome . . .
 You really deserved that bed.
If I had a doll, I would style her up in this cute tennis outfit:

Every Girl of the Year is retired at the end of the year. 
This means she is no longer for sale.
Sophia and McKenna (2012)

The girls and their loot:

After 2+ hours, we dropped off the load to our car (I looked like a pack mule!) 
and enjoyed the rest of  The Grove.
Lunch at Maggiano's

 Some trolley time:

And no trip to The Grove could ever be complete without a visit to

Then it was homeward bound before the nasty 5 o'clock traffic.
Sophia fell asleep like this:
Yes it's the label off her water bottle.

And here is the gang:
A little checkers and nachos in bed = My kind of girls:

And dinner for mommy:

I'd say this trip was a win-win for everyone!

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  1. Of course, I love and relate to this post in every way. From the dolls, Italian food, daughters, and Sprinkles. Best kind of days.