Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Things

Those who know me well, know I have an addiction to exercise of some type. I am not hard core at any one thing, but I do enjoy keeping active. It is my medicine for stability. And wouldn't you know it, lucky me, there are A LOT of cute workout clothes!

I love to work out in shorts. No matter the sport. No matter the weather.
No really. I've run in the windy city of Chicago in mid-winter wearing shorts.
My faves are these Shake & Break Shorts
and these Speed Shorts

And this is the real reason why I picked up tennis in my 40's:
Yes, it's a skirt. But there are built in shorts.
And here I swore I would never wear a "ruffle butt" anything.

And in my crazy state of mind I decided to take up yoga. You know, because I
have sooooo much extra time in my day. I just want to be able to touch my toes.
Without pulling something. Ha!
Although I have yet to do yoga in anything but shorts,
doesn't hurt to have more cute clothes.

And I absolutely hate working out in tanks.
But thanks to my fellow exercise friends, Marcy & Jeannie,
I am thinking about trying this No Limits Tank:

And can I tell you how much I LOVE my new running partner.
This is the Garmin 10 Forerunner:
By far the easiest watch to use. Thank you Darling Hubby!

And last but not least, what keeps me on my feet. Like literally.
My favorite shoe for all sports. Asics. 

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  1. I love my Garmin too! Great for travel when you don't know your route length. And I'm trying to touch my toes too with yoga. Trying.