Friday, April 6, 2012

Celebrating a Little Early

I have an impending big number birthday coming up. Since April has turned out to be such a busy month, we did a little early celebrating in Vegas for a few days. Maybe if I keep on celebrating throughout the month the day I actual turn "older" won't be so traumatic! : )

I absolutely LOVE staying at Bellagio.
It is by far my most fave in Vegas!

How super fun to have Todd & Marcy along for the ride!

The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.
It's incredible how they decorate with fresh flowers for all types of themes.
This theme was Spring.
And to get an idea just how big this swan is . . .

The party grew later that day! Lloyd and Karen made Vegas a stop
during their 10 year anniversary getaway. 

Now what would Vegas be without a little dining indulgence?
First night . . . Japonais.
The Floating Orchid
(Vodka, fresh pear and lemon juice)
The Rock
(Thinly slice marinated Kobe beef which you cook on this very hot rock)
Le Quack Japonais
(Maple Leaf Smoked Duck with hoisin sauce served mushu style)
The next morning started with a much needed workout!
Then after a couple of spa treatments it was pool time!

Then it was time to walk off some more of that indulgence.
So a little strip seeing and shopping.
Fountain show in front of the hotel with Paris in the background.
New shopping motto!
And the party grew again! Derrick and Cami arrived just in time 
for more cocktails and dining!
Had our reservations been just an hour later, 
we could have dined next to Lady Antebellum.
Our waiter let us know they were coming in.

Some night time fun  . . . 
No gambling pics since you can't take photos while on the casino floor.
But that's okay because I don't think I need a reminder of how much I lost. 

Our last night in Vegas . . . 
One of the best antipasto's I've ever tasted!
Fritto Misto
Meatballs the size of softballs. And super moist!
Cheers to Vegas! And I guess to me as well : )
Thank you to everyone who made this trip the BEST!

And to my Darling Hubby . . . You make everyday of my life feel like a birthday.


  1. Girrrrlll, you have the life! So fun!

  2. My home away from home. I love this much fun~