Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to Our Guy

Celebration #1 took place on Friday with a little date night. There's just something about The Stonehouse that makes every and any occasion so special.
Happy Birthday to the BEST husband on Earth. I LOVE YOU!

A new menu has arrived! Go check it out!
Charming, huh?
His and Her's Mojitos
Salmon Tartare served on dry ice makes for a dramatic presentation!
Sashimi so fresh I felt like I was on a tropical island!
Muscovy Duck was absolutely tasty!
Had to have their homemade mint chip : )
Happy Birthday David!

Then on Monday (David's actual birthday) the girls helped Daddy celebrate one more time.
This is love . . . David wore his birthday crown (made by Sophia) to the restaurant.
She drew his picture on it, but it's hard to see.
Make a wish!
Happy Birthday Papa!

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