Monday, October 3, 2011

What does October 1st mean to you?

This date never meant anything until a few years ago - when David became scuba certified, invested in a boat and started collecting a lot of fishing gear (rods, spear gun, knives, etc.). So what does October 1st mean? LOBSTER SEASON OPENS!

David and a couple of friends went out this last weekend in search of lobsters. They left early Saturday morning and returned Sunday afternoon. Just a guy's kind of weekend: diving and sleeping on a boat. And although the girls (and Mommy) missed their daddy dearly, I am happy David had the chance to unwind and do something he enjoys. He works so hard and it seems like his free time is always spent with the family. So it was nice to see David taking some time for himself. And I got to reap the benefits of his weekend without having to get sea sick : ).

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  1. YUM!!! Nicely done David!! Unlike the old saying where men are to "Bring home the bacon"..i'm with Jenn and I'd much prefer, Bring home the LOBSTER!!