Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catching Up in October

As soon as August rolls around I always feel like I need to have my roller skates (okay maybe running shoes since I don't really own any roller skates) on to keep up with all the activities/festivities. And by the time October makes its' entrance I am insanely busy, but in a good way, and need espresso shots (too bad I don't drink coffee) to make it through the rest of the month let alone the year. Here are some pictures from part of our October.

A quick trip back home to celebrate a very special 6 year olds birthday;
my niece Caroline who Sophia adores.

And of course we ran into a fair!

Cousins are the best!
Thanks for all the fun Grandpa and Grandma!

Back in Santa Barbara:
Morning before Sophia's soccer game.
Who knew this would be the day she'd score her first goal!

Afternoon fun at the carousel.

A Halloween birthday party for sweet Laurel.
Happy #2!
The Birthday Girl making her grand entrance via bounce house style!
Miss K following Laurel's lead.
The princess found her mystical unicorn.
Fun and festive spread!
Princess Elmo? Kalista is obsessed with Elmo and would not take off the shirt.
It's all about compromise, right?
Totally looks real!
Anyone need a hand?
Funny how Kalista and Kenzie enjoyed their "cocktails" by the adult beverages.
Doesn't it look like they are up to something? ; )
Laurel the butterfly
Fun mommy friends : )

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