Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Visit

This past weekend we drove to my hometown, Fresno, to visit Grandma and Grandpa, as well as cousin Caroline, Auntie Karen and Uncle Mark. Sophia has been wanting to go for a visit for quite some time, but my parents have been in Europe for the past 5 weeks. So we packed up and left the cool Santa Barbara weather and headed for the 100+ degree heat of the Central Valley.

Most people would cringe at the thought of sweltering heat without a beach. I don't notice nor does it bother me because it's HOME. Although I wasn't born in Fresno, I can pretty much say I lived there my entire life prior to getting married. Just to throw you for a loop... I was born in... Are you ready? KENTUCKY. Couldn't you tell by my accent? : ) But back to Fresno. I enjoy going home and am always sad to leave. People think I'm nuts because Santa Barbara is such a beautiful place to live. All I can say is HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. Not saying my heart isn't in SB too. It's just a big piece of it will always remain in Fresno. Now on with the pictures, which I apologize for the quality. Some were taken with iPhone, compact camera as well as Big Girl Camera.

First Happy Meals for both girls. And no, I'm not one of those moms. I just prefer other burger joints like The Habit or Kahuna Grill. I'm pretty sure if there was more than one McDonald's drive-thru in Santa Barbara which was closer to our house, we would be there every now and then. Oh! Which reminds me. Another thing I love about going home. Drive-thrus and Target. : )
Kalista took off half of the bun. I guess she's watching her carbs.  : )

No visit is ever complete without a trip to Build-a-Bear.

Painting Ariel at Color Me Mine. Too bad the ones in Santa Barbara closed down. : (

And no visit is ever complete without having Korean Barbeque. People always ask me where to go for Korean Barbeque. I'm of no help. Because the BEST is my mommy's.

Best way to beat the heat.

Fun with cousin Caroline.

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