Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Whodelicious Princesses

It all started with a fun game Whodelicious posted on their Facebook wall about a month ago. The first 10 people to come in the shop and say, "What's up Doc?" would get a free cupcake. Well that's simple! After I picked Sophia up from school we headed on over for an after school snack. Sophia said the magic phrase and voila! She won a cupcake of her choice. She was thrilled! Oh the joy a cupcake can bring. Sophia loves playing their games. Yes that's right, she's played before.

Anyway I posted Sophia's picture on Facebook and I received an email from Whodelicious inviting Sophia and any of her friends to strut the catwalk at Cupcake Camp Santa Barbara an event presented by Cupcakes for Cancer for the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. The girls will get to dress up in the shop's princess outfits and hopefully, grace the runway. This is going to be a fun and delicious day!

So what are you doing on Sunday July 24th from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm?
Come to the Fess Parker. Cheer on Sophia and her friends (runway time will be 2:00 pm). Indulge in cupcakes ($10 entry fee = 4 cupcake tastings, milk or coffee). Try and win some raffle prizes. Have the kids decorate a cupcake. Dare your hubby or that person you made a weight loss bet with to enter the cupcake eating contest. Support a very worthy cause.
Tasting the goods in the party room.
Every little girl's chandelier dream.
I think Sadie's got the look down!
I'm thinking this look would go well in the playroom.
See you Sunday!

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