Wednesday, July 13, 2011


If you have ever stayed at a DoubleTree Hotel, you know what this post is all about. : ) And if you haven't stayed at one before, then just click on this link DT Cookie. Any hotel cookie with its' own website has got to be good, right? Too bad the website doesn't dish out the recipe. I can't stand it when people withhold a recipe! Like I am going to book a room at a DoubleTree just so I can inhale their cookies. That would be some expensive cookies. Oh but you can order them online. Rats! I guess they can withhold the recipe.

So how did I come up with the recipe? Uh...Google, of course. There was no way I would have got this recipe right without help. I had most of the ingredients guessed correctly along with measurements. But it would never have crossed my mind to add lemon juice or to grind up the oats. There were lots of recipes for this cookie, but I chose the one with the best reviews. And supposedly someone's mom worked there and got the recipe. Nonetheless, I think they are pretty darn close if not the real deal. And the hubby thinks so too! He just had a conference at the Fess Parker DoubleTree so his taste buds are still fresh. Oh yes, and you know what I am going to say next. This is the BEST chocolate chip cookie I have ever made! : ) Thank you Food Geeks!

Monster size dough balls!
This pic has nothing to do with the cookies.
It was just me staring out the kitchen window,
waiting for the kitchen timer to go off.
Yes, I took a smidgen out of that top cookie. And it was yummy. : )
So rich and chocolatey with a crisp exterior and ultimate soft center.
Thank goodness for Girls Night. I packaged up these babies and handed them out.
There was no way I was going to trust myself with all of this deliciousness!

In case you were wondering...
*Nothing happens if you leave out the nuts. You don't need to add more chocolate chips.
**The cookies bake and taste great even if you make an oops, like add the chocolate chips before the dry ingredients. Yes, I made that mistake. I kept staring at the dough thinking, "Wow this sure looks creamy." And then I realized the bowl of dry ingredients was still on the counter. Hey, give me a break! I have Mommy-brain every now and then. I cringed at the thought of wasting 3 cups of chocolate chips, so I went for it and dumped in the dry goods and mixed it up. glad it worked out.


  1. Wow, I'm pouring my glass of milk now...YUM

  2. Ok you were right. Those look exactly like dt cookies!!! Forget girls night though you need to pack up those cookies and bring them straight over here!!!