Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Internet - A Mom's BFF

I enjoy finding a good bargain. Who doesn't, right? I really enjoy it more when I don't have to leave the house. Ah yes, "Thank you my dear friend, Internet." Here's a tip too for those who hate paying outrageous shipping prices, I Google discount and/or free shipping codes. I seem to always score!

I love the variety internet shopping has to offer. This is especially nice when shopping for the girls. Santa Barbara is a very small city and it is not uncommon to run into about 10 other girls with the same cute outfit. Now don't get me wrong. Obviously the fashion world made more than one outfit to sell. But sometimes it's nice having a little uniqueness within the wardrobe. Just sayin'. : )

My latest favorite website is One Kings Lane.
I love these faceted amici bottles.
Perfect for infusing your own cocktails.
A unique display for the wine enthusiast.
I bet you they would sell even more if a bottle was included. : )

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