Monday, July 18, 2011

Catching Up

Seems like this weekend consisted of lots of eating. Lots. Take a look at what Friday had to offer...
My favorite way to start out the club's clambake.
See what I mean? Good thing my friend Karen made me (I mean suggested) we run the stadium stairs on Saturday morning. We were also going to Jenny Schatzle's workout but it was cancelled. Shucks! : )

A few pics of some zoo fun while Daddy was out on the boat for an overnighter with some friends. 

Sunday evening we went back to the club for more gluttony. Who could turn down a Sunday dinner of fried chicken, baby back ribs, creamed corn, mash potatoes, blueberry peach cobbler and ice cream? Not us! I was way too preoccupied to take photos : ( Kalista was not being very cooperative. Crazy girl! I mean, seriously...didn't she see the menu?! : )
The kids had their own table and they were all so well behaved!
Anyone looking for a caddy?
This line looks good.
The perfect tunnel!
Gotta run off that delicious dinner!
Looks like I'll be going to see Jenny Schatzle soon. : )

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