Monday, June 14, 2010

Finally #2 in the Potty

We have been trying to get Sophia to poop in the potty for a very long time now. We have been successful with going pee in the potty, but not much luck with #2. Here is the story:

Every time I took Kalista to see Dr. Abbott I would inquire about Sophia and the whole going number 2 in the potty. And each time he told me, "She will do it when she is ready." I told him that when I catch her trying to go I rush her off to the potty and then she ends up holding it in all day long until she complains about her bottom hurting. Then it comes out like a softball! Dr. Abbott repeated his orders again along with, "She will win every time if you interfere." And each time I walked away from the appointment I tried to facilitate things along without luck. Then a couple of weeks ago my friend Julie's nanny, Carla, gave me some advice. First she told me the doctor was right. Then she told me to leave Sophia alone and don't even mention pooping on the potty. Carla said when Sophia poops in her pull-up don't make a scene, just change her and go about our business. Then Carla said after a couple of weeks bring out a special "poo poo in the potty" treat and explain to Sophia she can have it after she poops in the potty.

I wasn't sure about Carla's advice, but what did I have to lose? The only thing I hadn't done was let her go cold turkey and just wear underwear - mainly because I knew it wouldn't be pretty. I'd harped on her for months now so laying off sounded like a good break. So I stopped harassing her and just let her do her thing for about 2 weeks. Then on Sunday I busted out the Jelly Bellies. Sophia had her first jelly bean this past Easter and she loved them. She hasn't had any since so I thought this would be a good incentive. I poured some into a Hello Kitty baggy. Sophia asked, "Who's that for?"  I told her it was for her after she pooped in the potty. She said okay and went along her merry way. An hour later Sophia said, "I have to go poo poo on the potty." And the rest is history!

Now we know this is just the beginning, but we are so proud of our little Sophia! And she was proud too. We took a picture, which I will not post, and sent it to Grandma & Grandpa. She also wanted to send it to Auntie Karen and Uncle Mark. I just pretended to do so. Not sure everyone wants to see a toddler's bowel movement. I am not going to say Sophia is 100% potty trained especially since we still have yet to wake up dry, but I think she is definitely on her way!


  1. wow! That's awesome! Maybe I will try your technique with Bella - she's afraid to poop in the potty too.ep

  2. Yay! We had the same problem :-) I'm all for bribery in this case :-) We called it a "poo poo prize!" With Will, I will never do Pull Ups. I'm going cold turkey all the way!!