Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday - Vegas Style

I know, I know. Yes, yes. Las Vegas twice in one month?! No, we don't have a gambling problem. We've just been living the rock star life the last couple of weeks. : ) This last trip to Vegas was to celebrate our friend, Lloyd's, 40th birthday. Friends from all over came out to take part in the festivities. A weekend filled with friends (new & old), good food, wine, cocktails, shopping, craps...well I can't list everything! ; )
Kid-less photo op.
I loved all the bright, bold colors in the Encore.
Of course, I had to have that caramel sundae.
from Serendipity.
Just a "little" birthday donut from Serendipity.
That thing was as big as his face!
If you are ever in Vegas, I highly recommend
dining at Switch. This swanking restaurant's
decor switches ever 20 minutes! From ceiling
to walls - it's a fabulous dining experience.
Ceiling before
Ceiling after the Switch
One of the walls of the restaurant
Same wall 20 minutes later - notice how it has not
come down all the way yet
A nice smooth pear-vodka shot to
start out the evening
Cheers to Lloyd!
I am pretty sure all the guys ordered some type of steak.
David ordered this bone-in rib eye. Um, can I
just say outstanding!
And all the gals ordered some type of fish. 
This was my Chilean Sea Bass. Oh but wait...
I had to have the lobster risotto as well!
Happy 40th Birthday Lloyd!
Like I said at the beginning of this post...
I can't list everything!

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  1. when are we going on our girly trip to VEGAS....looks like you are now able to TOUR-Guide us!