Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sweet Tooth

Before the kids I never really craved sweets. David was the one who had the sweet tooth. Well toss that out the window! Here are some scrumptious treats I "stumbled" upon in Las Vegas.
 Chocolate Ganache in a syringe at Max Brenner
I'd take this kind of shot anytime!

Now get ready. For all of you familiar with the one in New York...
Serendipity 3 is in Las Vegas baby!
Truly the best caramel I have EVER devoured!
 Frozen Hot Chocolate (it is to DIE for!)
I think I am going to ask for this fountain
in my next house. : )
(Jean Philippe in the Bellagio)

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  1. OMG those desserts looks AMAZING!!! It's 9:35am and now I NEED a sundae.