Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Road Trip

I never thought I would take the girls out of town by myself but I did it! We went on a little road trip to see family. The girls did a great job in the car. Not one whine or tantrum during the 4 hour car ride and one pitstop. Pretty good for a kid who has nothing to look at but the back seat and for the other who doesn't really like to watch DVDs for very long. We sang a lot of songs, including all Disney, Top 40 and GLEE. Okay, now get ready for a lot of pictures!
The snow covered mountains on the Grapevine were beautiful.
 Just The Girls 
(The one in pink is my niece, Caroline)
A little pick-me-up at Tuttimelon 
after an exhausting trip to Build-A-Bear.
Guess who had to carry the bags? 
 Very intently watching "How to Train Your Dragon."
 Funny how the kids & Uncle Mark have the same reaction
in this picture as well as the one above it.
 Sophia passed out during nap time
Happy Little Kalista and her bear

Following photos taken at John's Incredible Pizza
(just a step up from Chuck E. Cheese)
 Auntie Karen showing Sophia 
how to shoot baskets.
 They even had a toddler play area for Kalista.
Flash forward about 12 more years...or not. : )

 I love this picture of Sophia & Caroline
Girls Rule!


  1. Stunning photos of all you girls!

  2. What a great time with the family :) Did you take the photo of the couch?