Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kalista - 15 Months

I think Kalista's shirt pretty much sums up her 15 month check-up. ; )
Height = 28 1/2" (MINUS 5 percentile) - SERIOUSLY?!
Weight = 19 lbs 8 oz (10th percentile)

A growth of only half an inch and a gain
of almost 2 pounds from her one year check-up.
I swear this child eats like there is no tomorrow! Where is it all going?
I mean, I understand the definition of petite, but come on!

Sophia at 15 months
Height = 31 1/4" (75th percentile)
Weight = 22 lbs (30th percentile)


  1. I think what is important is she is healthy and happy... I have the opposite experience with Aaron and Ella... They are on the other side of the spectrum but I learned not to care for it anymore :)

  2. Kalista is SOOOOOO adorable!!! I love that she is petite like her mommy!!I'm sad that I have never met her...but hopefully in a month and a half I will!!
    Hugs, M

  3. She looks perfectly healthy to me!!!