Friday, August 13, 2010

Ventura Fair

First stop...Pony ride
Pretty soon Kalista and you can
ride the pony too!
Sophia said the swing was her favorite
Whale watching
Potato sack fun!
Uh...The real reason why Mommy runs
as much as she does! : )
Daddy's girl
Bumper boats
Who's having more fun?
First ferris wheel
Back to the swings at night
(pretty cool pic)
Last ride of the night!

It was a fun evening of lots of rides and food! Both girls did great and fell fast asleep once we got in the car. Sophia was a little trooper when we got home...she changed into her PJs and brushed her teeth without a fuss and hopped into bed. And Kalista, well she is always a little trooper. She's just an angel!

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  1. Sophia is so brave to go on all those rides! How fun!