Monday, August 30, 2010

Kalista - 9 Months Old

9 Month Autobiography:
I still like to smile and I'm pretty sure I am still an easy-going baby. I have 2 bottom teeth and my 2 top teeth have poked through as well. I'm not into mushy baby food but I love what the rest of my family is eating - I just need some more teeth to really enjoy the culinary world. I "talk" a lot and I can crawl. But I must admit, I would rather work on standing by myself than crawling around trying to chase my big sister. Oh and I prefer to learn the hard way...most babies pull themselves up to stand, but not me! I like to try from the sitting position. But like I said, it's the hard way!
See? Still smiling!
My starting position
It's not easy to stand up from this position
But I'm going to keep trying!

I'll be back with my stats tomorrow after I see the doctor!

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