Monday, April 5, 2010


Easter weekend started out with the coloring of some eggs. Sophia had a blast dropping the eggs in the different colors. But she was even more excited about eating the eggs than anything else.
Here I go!
It's all about the technique.
Ta da!
Could hardly wait to peel off a little bit of the
shell before eating!

On Easter Sunday we drove to Bakersfield to have brunch with David's side of the family. As soon as Sophia woke up she was asking to go to Nana's house. We had a wonderful brunch and then had an Easter egg hunt. After Sophia found her eggs she wanted more, so we just hid them again...a few times over I should add. What easy entertaining!
Finally, an opportunity when all four of us
could be in one picture. Thanks Auntie Kamala!
Ah, look what I found!
Peek a boo, I see you!
All loaded up!
Sophia & Nana
Nana, cousin Alison & Kalista

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