Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring Break

This year we spent our break in Park City. We decided to get our last skiing in before the warmer weather made its' debut. This was also the first time I flew solo with the kids; David met us a few days later.
The flight was like this:
 The girls were a little worried about the Easter Bunny not finding them, 
but that clever bunny figured it out:
 On the other hand, this Easter bunny looked more like
an Easter rat.
When you have a swimmer...FOOD is a big deal:

Sledding in our front yard:
An epic day to ski!
Our favorite guy finally arrived:

 We were so lucky to have 3 days of fresh snow!
Is this not the coolest wall?
 And this was my favorite meal...Chicken Pot Pie (to die for!)
A little ice cream and shopping for books:
Best Friends (when they aren't fighting)
Thanks for a great time Park City!
Our first full winter was fabulous.
See you soon for the next season!

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