Thursday, April 21, 2016

Age is Just a Number

It's just another day. It's just a number. Some people get all weird about getting older. I mean really, one day you are 43 and the next 44. Did anything change overnight? It's kind of like being 17 one day and then one day later you have a birthday and turn18. You can vote now because 24 hours haveI have passed. Are you any wiser than the day before and have clarity on our government system? Or one day you are 20 and then twenty-four hours later . . .  BAM! 21. Can you handle your alcohol better than the day before? Will you make better decisions? It's just a number!

I think if people really thought about what was giving them grief around their birthday, they would find it's not because they were turning a year older. It's because of a reflection or reflections. Or maybe even because of their foresight(s) of what might be in store for the future.

So the fact that I am feeling a little bluesy about having an upcoming birthday isn't because I am going to be 44. It's because of the reflections I have been having. Or really reflection. I miss my dad. 

Birthdays are not the same without him. My life is not the same without him. And that will never change. No dramatization behind my words. Just the truth.

Despite how I feel, I do know I have a pretty good run going on in my life. And I don't ever and will never take that for granted. I just want what I can't have. And so even with getting older & wiser, that part never changes.

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