Monday, April 4, 2016

Road Closed

Dear Daddy,

For the last 3 years, life without you has felt like this sign. No outlet. Not a through street. Our road to each other...closed.

Although at times I feel lost without you, I am figuring out how to take the detours. Unlike detours drivers come across, I am not choosing to take the shortest way. I am choosing to take the quality way. The scenic route. 

"Are we there yet?" It's hard to slow down. Hard to go the speed limit. Even harder to go less than the limit. But it's been worth it! I am finally figuring that out. Yes, Miss Type A is taking her foot off the gas pedal. And you know what? It's been truly rewarding. Not sure how school feels about it, but I know I am giving the girls experiences and memories that far outweigh some missed days.        

The 'views'. The views along the way have been familiar yet different. Sometimes, they haven't been what I always thought...but sometimes people aren't, right? Then there are the views I took for granted. I am thankful for the chance to see the beauty I had missed the first few times around. 

The detours have been straight and windy. Sometimes simple, sometimes exciting, and sometimes complicated. And this is when you say, "Such is life." With every bend or fork in the road, there has been a lesson learned. The detours have been challenging and disappointing at times. Tears have been shed. Sleepless nights have ensued. And there's been lots of self-doubt. But it's all been strangely fulfilling. 

Our road is closed. An unforeseen road block made its' way into our lives. So now, without you, I detour. My heart would be so full to see you along my way. But there are several pitstops I still need to make. Someday I will see you at one of them. Just not yet.

I love you,

Your Little Girl 

September 17, 1937 - April 4, 2013

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