Monday, August 31, 2015

And now the madness begins...

Oh the day finally arrived . . . School started. Ho hum.
My second grader took off without me giving her a proper hug and kiss.
My kindergartner was nervous, excited, and didn't stray far.
And of course, packing lunches had me back into creative mommy mode:
And now the obligatory first day of school family photo:
You would think I was going back to school with all the "stuff" in my hand. 
Back-to-school paperwork was no joke! 

So the madness of a crazy schedule begins. The duties? Here are just a few: Wife, mommy, chef, chauffeur (different pick-up times and different swim practice times), PTA Board member, school room parent coordinator, classroom volunteer, homework & Kumon sergeant. Is it June yet?! Oh and that other job of being a nurse. Huh? Didn't know I had a paying job? Well I do. My kids are always shocked when I tell them I have to work. Luckily it's from home because there is no other way it would work out. I know, a nurse from home sounds odd. In a very brief nutshell, I chart audit for the hospital. I have been doing this particular job for over 7 years now. Tidbit: I have been a nurse for 20 years of which 13 were spent in the operating room. But being a nurse is no longer a priority. The laundry list of duties listed above is why my heart beats. I will take the crazy busy of family life over a "career" any day.

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