Thursday, September 3, 2015

August Recap

School is back in session and I have been reminiscing about the few weeks preceding 
this annual event. I already long for summer 2016.

Sophia & Addy
I just love how these two pick-up right where they leave off.
Different schools...not a problem.
A precious moment of girl talk bonding.
Me and my munchkins!
Not so munchkins, I guess, huh?
While daddy was doing this:
We did this:
Shopping trip!
Cooling off at Menchies
Enjoying Dad's catch:
More beach time!
Why I love SB:
Glamping at El Capitan Canyon
 Pretty sure this "cute" livestock was the source of David's poison oak.
I won't share those photos. Your'e welcome.
 Just me and my shadow.
Makes me think of this old post.
Missing my Jeannine's breakfast buddy:
So cheers to summer 2015.
Now hurry up school and be done already!

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