Monday, August 25, 2014

Jennifer Went Camping?

Lots of my friends, as well as David's, were shocked when we told them our family had a camping trip planned. Some friends said, "You mean glamping?" I clarified, "No, camping. Like as in a tent. Like no electricity. Like walk to the bathroom. Camping."

I should have taken more pics. But I kind of forgot about all the electronics (phone, camera, iPad, etc.). How nice it was to be away from all of those things that take up our precious time.

Welcome to my first camping trip:
Big Sur
Just nestled 4 hours north of SB was our home away from home for a few days. 

A little pitstop in Cayucos for some refueling.
Where there is a cookie store, there will be a Hall.

Thanks to Dani and Jen (my other seasoned camper friend) our meals were all planned out.
These gals were awesome with organizing! They split up a very well thought out list and 
we all showed up with the goods. Could this be any easier?
First night: Kebobs (chicken, mini potatoes, and grilled veggies)
My bad on lagging on the photos for night two. But trust me, it was fabulous!
Salmon on cedar planks, rice, and asparagus.
Third night was a restaurant night :)

Big Kid Josh showing the girls he could sand roll too.
I think he stopped 1/4 way down though...oh to be young again.

The river run was fun and COLD.
I can't imagine what it is like when the rains fill it up.

Kids being kids.
The best memory of all.

Dear Dani,
I am not sure if you stop by this blog, but thank you for THE BEST TIME. My TYPE A+++ personality that longs to be an A- at times thanks you too. This was a trip my kids will never forget and I can't wait to add to their memories. And a hundred thank you's to Josh for being our camping chef and fire chief. Next time I will be the fire starter! xoxo

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