Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Sophia Grace

My dearest Sophia,

Holy cow! How could it be? You are 7 years old? There is just no way this has happened. And so quickly too.

Seven years ago you changed my life in a way no one could have ever prepared me for nor explained. Many. many moons ago I told myself there were 2 life changing experiences I did not want or need. The get married. And the second? Well, my love, YOU are the second. How incredibly wrong I was. I am so thankful to have had the chance and courage to personally change my life's course. So in case you ever wonder...everything was planned. No mistakes. Not with your father. Not with you. Or your sister, in case you ever wonder about that too. hahahaha

Sophia, you are a beautiful young lady. Smart, loving, talented, and thoughtful are only a few wonderful traits you embrace. I admire your ability to like and love without regard. Your caring ways come so naturally. You never think twice when it comes to helping someone. 

Sophia, you are so driven and focused. And as you mature, I hope you will find and maintain the balance of it all without the self-induced pressure. 

As every year passes, I can't help but look forward to more of your future. So many exciting journeys await. And although the road may get bumpy at times, always remember life should not be so difficult. Believe in yourself and have faith. Everything will fall into place, as the way it should.

Happy Birthday Sophia. I love you.

~ Mommy

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