Monday, February 24, 2014


To my Darling Hubby, David: Thank you so much for this wonderful getaway gift. You made this trip so easy. I love you to the moon and back. 

I can't believe it's been 2 1/2 years since my last trip to Miraval. I thought this was going to be my annual how time flies. But how lucky was I to share this peaceful experience with 3 wonderful friends?! Four full days of work outs, pampering, indulging, relaxing, and laughter. What more could a gal want?

I seriously took advantage of the whole 24 hour check-in.
Printed these babies out the day before at 7:00 a.m.
 Then an evening text comes through from my friend Susan letting
us know we were all packed up. Yup, looks about right!
And before you know it . . .
We had arrived!
 And wasted no time:
Welcome to Suite 317
 Everything is so tranquil and natural:
With two spa treatments daily, I was in Heaven:
We all were!
The food was AMAZING!
My photos, not so much:
The best sign ever:
 No need to tell me twice.
 My best friend:
 Best spa partner, roomie, and fellow jammie lover:
 Lots of cheers on this trip!
Then like all wonderful things, there is always an end.
This is happiness:

Marcy, Jeannie, and Susan - 

Thank you for the best time ever! Here are a few things I learned and will remember:
FRAGILE packing will always be a priority. I will never eat pesto and cracker bread again without smiling. The "cranial sacral massage" will not be on my bucket list. The next time I hear a loud gong, I will immediately start chanting and try to be the woman I was meant to be. Whenever I wear a ponytail (which is every day) I will remember how much damage I am doing to my hair but will still find the will not to get bangs.

But the best lesson learned . . . I will ALWAYS order Fridays style!

I love you all!


  1. Isn't girl time the best? I love being around woman that bring out the best in you. xoxox

  2. Looks absolutely fab! Much more tranquil than my last spa experience. ;)