Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cocktails + Hair = Happy Mommies

I have a confession. The second child syndrome affects not only Kalista but me as well. What is second child syndrome? Basically, the second child (also third, fourth, and bless your heart if you have more) gets robbed of everything you did for your first born, including the tight schedule for eating and napping. Luckily, Kalista is a "go-with-the-flow" kind of girl. Phew! And luckily I have managed to stay in contact with the friends I made during Kalista's PEP group. Although we can't make the majority of the playdates, it is so wonderful these fabulous moms still keep us mind. I think a few of them are starting to experience the second child syndrome too, so they totally know what it's like now.

Okay, enough about my neglect : ) Last Saturday night, a few my mommy friends had an evening of pampering from Shine, which lead the way to deliciousness at Cava, and then ended with some sweetness at Montecito Cafe.

My passenger for that night : )

Beauty takes work and champagne : )
I stole this pic from Dining & Destinations
I am not a coconut fan, but this cake really is good : )
Thank you mommies for a fun night!
Catching up with all of you was the best! 


  1. Your hair looks awesome Jenn! Way better than the curls I got that one time ;)