Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Madness

May turned out to be a one busy month! It started busy and never stopped. No complaints here though! Here is how the last couple of weekends were spent:

Wine tasting hosted by the lovely Marcy.
First stop, Cold Spring Tavern for mimosas and Bloody Marys.
Then it was off to Firestone and Brander

Then the following weekend was all about hair and lots of it!
My friend, Sheri, hosted a party book for our preschool at Shine.
Here's the lovely hostess! She's gonna kill me if she sees this!
Love you, Sheri!
Holley, enjoying some curls and champagne.
Bess, all smiles while prepping for her blow out
Mrs. Curly Q Ronda and Mrs. Big Pageant Hair Sarah
And here is the finished product!

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