Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Holland and Sweden

Hello! I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but I've been a little busy. David and I just got back from a wonderful European adventure. I can't possibly post all the photos, so I will try to condense our 10 day excursion as best as I can.

First stop . . . Amsterdam, Holland
Surprise, surprise that my first photo post would be of food ; )
This seafood APPETIZER was the best!
I just love the old world charm of Europe. Everything from transportation to
the architecture. Nothing modern but yet so advanced in culture.

The best traveling companions ever, The Bienstocks.

The world of clogs:

A little beer in the Red Light District.
(Definitely an eye opener)

The best way to get around town:

See the clover in the foam?

One of my favorite photos of the trip:

On of the days we rented bikes and asked our concierges about areas surrounding Amsterdam.
We thought it would be nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
We wanted to see the countryside.
So he told us about:
And let's just say, the next day when we told him we actually went to Marken, 
I think we shocked the heck out of him. 
Hmmmm, could it be because it was a 40 mile round trip bike ride?! 
And I must add that 20 of those miles were against wind!

After spending a whole day attached to a bike seat, literally, it was a nice pace to take a little train ride to see the tulips in Keukenhof. Absolutely the most gorgeous tulips I have ever seen in my whole entire life! And the variety of species was incredible. I wish I could have brought home a few bulbs.

And now the journey turns to Gothenburg, Sweden. This part of the trip was much more mellow. It was super cold, windy and sometimes rainy. My picture taking definitely slowed down in this country due to the gloomy weather. The guys attended a conference for a few hours in the morning. And us gals kept preoccupied with workouts, breakfast, massages, reading, and just relaxing. Exactly what I needed because I think my body was still in shock from that 40 mile bike ride! : )
The art work in our ultra modern hotel. Way different from Amsterdam.
It's an old post office car that has been flattened.
So green it looks fake, doesn't it?
A little stair master ; )
On one of the nearby islands off of Gothenburg.
The one sunny day and it was beautiful!
Cheers to a fabulous vacation!
Thank you Jenny & Marc for making this trip a memorable one.
Can't wait to travel with you guys again!!

*Disclaimer (I know Jenny would appreciate this too)* Just in case you were wondering why the attire in the photos seem to repeat - I swear we brought a lot of different clothes on this trip. But it was so cold (50 F) all we wanted was our jeans and jackets. Let's face it, warm and cozy sometimes beats out fashion. Gasp!


  1. First off, I must say......YOU are so adorable. These pictures are so incredible. I love how they told a story and brought us right there with you. Looks like an amazing time. The first image is divine =)

  2. Oh this looks like such a wonderful trip! I'm itching for a Europe trip now. Beautiful pictures!