Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sophia's Gourmet Adventures

This vacation has consisted of A LOT of sugar! Although Sophia is not deprived of sugar back in Santa Barbara, we definitely limit her more than most. Sophia has been in Heaven with all the pineapple and guava juice. Oh well, after all, it is vacation. She will be back to her normal routine in a few days.
 Breakfast (Lox, scrambled eggs, bacon, pineapple,
papaya, strawberries and of course, pineapple juice)
Not too sure how many kids 
would request capers.
What a healthy snack! ; )
 So happy to introduce Sophia to one of our
favorite restaurants in Hawaii.
 Octopus sashimi, of course!
 The art of using chopsticks...toddler style!
Octopus, edaname, miso soup with extra tofu...
what more could a little girl want?!

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