Monday, July 15, 2013

Sophia's First Swim Meet

This is Sophia's first year on swim team. We have been wanting her try it for the past 2 summers, but she never showed any interest. And we didn't want to push her either. But this summer, she asked if she could try it out. We were thrilled she decided to give it a whirl without us mentioning it.

Sophia competed in her first swim meet on Saturday. SHE WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!

25M Freestyle 29.06 seconds
Super close race with being the last in the water.

25M Breast Stroke 49.27s

25M Backstroke 52.38s
THIRD PLACE (darn lane lines) ; )

4th place 25M Fly 45.32s (Didn't get a video for this one) : (

We are so proud of you Sophia! You will always be a winner in our eyes!

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